Maker Days

New Video Release

Thanks to David Henderson, Careers Programs Facilitator, Richmond School District (SD #38) for sharing this video from their 24 Feb 2017 Maker Day

New Toolkit Release

Sharing the newest resource for Taking Making Into Classrooms. Thanks to a collaborative effort with ITA | Youth Discover the Trades Programs and Ministry of Education – Open School BC.

Taking Making into Classrooms



Skills Exploration Days, Edmonton AB

December 7 & 8, 2016.

Building on the Maker Day | ITA BC model and Alberta Education’s Career and Technology Foundations (CTF) Program of Studies, Grade 6 to 9 students explore a common Design Challenge, use a design thinking process, and sketch a solution in the classroom. The morning of the Skills Exploration Day, the students participate in Learn-A-Skill stations. In the afternoon, they prototype their design sketch using the tools and materials from the stations. Read More or Download AB Resources.

Video: 2016 Skills Exploration Days

Maker Day: Taking Making into Schools

Funded by ITA | Youth Discover the Trades Programs (2013-2017), Maker Days are facilitated events underpinned by Taking Making into Schools, a researched-informed immersive professional learning model. Designed for educators, ALL participants thoughtfully and fully engage in design thinking and creative problem finding. At the heart of the event is the Maker ethos (love of making) which “values learning through direct experience and the intellectual and social benefits that accrue from creating something sharable” (Martinez & Stager, 2013).

Video: What is a Maker Day?


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