Goldie Blox

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Toys for Future Innovators


GoldieBlox has been designed to get girls building.  The intent is to level the playing field in the area of design and construction.  By tapping into girls’ strong verbal skills, the construction set bolsters confidence in spatial skills while giving young inventors the tools they need to built and create amazing things.

In a world where men largely outnumber women in science, technology, engineering, and math and where girls lose interest in these subjects as early as age 8, GoldieBlox was developed to change the equation.  Construction toys develop an early interest in these subjects, but for over a hundred years, they’ve been considered “boys’ toys”. By designing a construction toy from the female perspective, the am is to disrupt the pink aisle and inspire the future generation of female engineers.

There are a million girls out there who are engineers. They just might not know it yet. Goldie Blox is designed to shoe them the way.

 Can You Make One of TheseProjects?


Star Spinner

Double Dipper

The Launcher








Invent Your Own Design and Use The Planning Sheet To Tell Us About It!!

GoldieBlox Planning Sheet