Math Toons

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June 13, 2014

  • ILC Current Project: Mathtoons

Math Tunes is using technology and music to develop a creative approach to learning simple to advanced mathematical concepts.

The Research: Math Tunes is able to use the resources of faculty and graduate students in the Mathematics and Computer Science Departments at the University of British Columbia Okanagan to receive instructional design support for their math app.

“We’ve used the learning lab as an inspiring meeting space for our team and as a place to imagine the integration of our tools within future classrooms. Meeting at an educational innovation centre helps support the priority of including the “educational research” component of our development.

We would love to be able to continue to access the space for inter-academic collaboration and planning. As well, we plan to access the ILC for focused user testing of our technology. It would be great if the ILC could evolve and include cutting edge resources that help visitors imagine the future of education. It is also our hope that the ILC can host seminars and conferences that highlight current work in Educational Technology, bringing together Canadian industry and academic partners.”
-MathToons Media Inc.

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