Taking Making into Your Classroom

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Sharing the newest resource for Taking Making Into Classrooms. Thanks to a collaborative effort with ITA | Youth Discover the Trades Programs and Ministry of Education – Open School BC.

Taking Making into Classrooms



Human Centered Design Thinking Process and Making

Educators applying Maker Day professional learning in their classrooms.

Primary Teacher Resources

During the BCPTA conference, October 2016

Janine Fraser presented Design Thinking in Math & ADST: Froebel’s Gifts
Susan Crichton and Elizabeth Childs presented Help Our Friends the Bats

All their resources are available at



Maker Day Sicamous

Maker Day

Taking Making into Your Classrooms, March 2014: Educators facilitated an event with Grade 7 to 12 students



Classroom Resources

For Educators Taking Making into their Classroom, these resources have been tested with students in grades 4 to 12 across BC and Alberta. We would welcome your suggestions and comments as you take making into your classrooms.

NOTE: Both the Participant Napkin and Placemat are photocopied on 11″x17″ paper. The Participant Napkin is then folded into an 8-page booklet for students to use. Click here to view a one-minute YouTube on how to fold your ‘Napkin’ after it is printed.

Design Challenge: Inclusive Playgrounds: Educators might consider editing the Design Challenge and Napkin to meet their students’ needs.

Facilitator Guide for Student Placemat and Napkin

Student Napkin

Student Placemat

Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy



Additional Resources

These additional resources (listed alphabetically) have been gathered during various formal and informal discussions during Maker Days.

Buck Institute for Education (BIE) Problem Based Learning (PBL)

All about PBL including a Project Search curated by BiE. From the website: At the Buck Institute for Education (BIE), our highest priority is to help teachers prepare students for successful lives … As a mission-driven nonprofit organization, BIE creates, gathers, and shares high-quality PBL instructional practices and products and provides highly effective services to teachers, schools, and districts.

Catalyst for Science

From the website: This resources site shares teacher reviewed and classroom tested science-based resources (lessons, activities and links). The first phase of this site includes resources populated from the BC Science Teachers’ Association (BCScTA) and Science World archives, contributions from current teachers, and submissions by presenters at the BCScTA annual Catalyst conference.

At the 2015 Catalyst for Science conference, Dr. Susan Crichton will be on a panel and facilitating two workshops with Dr. Elizabeth Childs. Hope to see you there… Click here to view the Conference Schedule.

Example from 2013 Conference: Easy Squeasy Circuits

Design Kit

Design Kit breaks down the methodology and the mindsets of human-centered design.

IDEO Design Thinking for Educators

From the website: This toolkit contains the process and methods of design along with the Designer’s Workbook, adapted specifically for the context of K-12 education.

Marshmallow Challenge

Blog by Tom Wujec including a TEDtalks (8 minutes), instructions and photos.

From the blog: The Marshmallow Challenge is a remarkably fun and instructive design exercise that encourages teams to experience simple but profound lessons in collaboration, innovation and creativity.

Mobile Tool Crib

This list of tools fit into a 24″ Stanley ProMobile Tool Chest. Demonstrated at the BCScTA conference in October 2015.

Stanford d.school K-12 Lab Wiki

Links include Design Thinking Projects and Challenges

Stanford d.school Wallet Project

Links on this page includes Gift Giving Project, the Wallet Project pdf and Design Process Mini Guide




Everywhere we go, educators, students, administrators are sharing resources. Just a few special thanks to

  • Students in EDST 498O, SIE 2014 who suggested we start the list and then generously gave us their resources to add
  • Nancy Darling (Program Administrator, Women in Trades Training (WITT) program at Okanagan College) who introduced us to the Marshmallow Challenge at her Design Jam 2014
  • Cayla, Molly and Nygel (STEP teacher candidates 2015) who facilitated a Maker Day for Grade 6s and provided feedback on the Classroom Resources listed above.



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Maker Day Toolkit by Dr. Susan Crichton and Deb Carter, PhD ( c ) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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