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Sharing the newest resource for Taking Making Into Classrooms. Thanks to a collaborative effort with ITA | Youth Discover the Trades Programs and Ministry of Education – Open School BC.

Taking Making into Classrooms



Maker Day Toolkit v2

There are three formats of the Maker Day Toolkit (v2): Taking Making into Schools: ePub, pdf and Word docs. The ePub and pdf formats remain static and identify which version of the Toolkit is in print (links provided below). The Word docs incorporate lessons learned from our current events and are accessible for download here.

Maker Day Toolkit 2 @ Issuu

Here’s our current ePub

NOTE: This ePub has the same content as the print copies of Maker Day Toolkit 2



PDF of the Maker Day Toolkit

Click here to download a pdf of Maker Day ToolKit 2.


About this Toolkit

The components shared in this Toolkit include the ability to

  • develop relevant design challenges that support curriculum areas and prior learning
  • understand, facilitate and engage in a design thinking process
  • participate in and facilitate a design charette
  • personally reflect on previous practice and facilitate group reflection

The materials were piloted and tested November 2013 when 80 educators gathered to experience the inaugural Maker Day: Taking Making into Schools. Since then, we have facilitated numerous Maker Days and engaged participants from the ages of 12 to 60+. Each event has helped us to refine our approach and modify our Toolkit. ~ Maker Day Toolkit v2, p. 3

Creative Commons Licensing

Creative Commons License
Maker Day Toolkit by Dr. Susan Crichton and Deb Carter, PhD ( c ) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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