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Students interacting with gesture table technology at the Innovative Learning CentreWho are we looking for?

Industry Partners

During the development of the Innovative Learning Centre, we met with local software developers to explore potential partnerships in response to the significant changes required in the classrooms locally, provincially and nationally in order to maintain and elevate Canada’s position in the knowledge economy. Any industry partner who is interested in making innovations in the education sector will find a valuable partner in the network of educators and students accessible through the Innovative Learning Centre.


The definition of an educator goes beyond the traditional school or university walls. Most simply, an educator is a person who teaches, informs or inspires others. This person can be found in almost every profession around the world and is someone who feels the calling to impart knowledge to others. A lifelong educator is never satisfied with taking information at face value but aspires to truly test, understand and make new discoveries. This is the type of educator we are looking to partner with at the Innovative Learning Centre.


The University of British Columbia Okanagan prides itself on providing students with unique opportunities to explore learning and stimulate mindful engagement. The Innovative Learning Centre takes these opportunities to a new level by allowing students to collaborate with industry partners to develop real world solutions to the current challenges being faced by the education sector. Students who are looking to participate fully in the process of reimagining learning and are willing to engage in meaningful play and exploration will find a place of opportunity at the Innovative Learning Centre.