Agile Innovation Maker Day

Agile Innovation for a Sustainable Future

 “Celebrating the Best Gifts of Humanity: The Ability to Think Wisely and Tinker Creatively and Share Generously”


The Appropriate Technologies Coding Day will be an invitation only event for educators, that requires ALL participants to thoughtfully and fully engage in design thinking and creative problem finding. The goal of the day is to develop an approach to assist educators to integrate coding and appropriate technologies seamlessly into their classrooms.

Educators will be introduced to coding and appropriate technologies through design thinking, inquiry, making, and experiential learning as they actively engage in small group work, problem exploration, and design challenge. Groups are expected to use all the coding tools available in their kits. They can also use the resources available at the Resource Centre and Pantry. To be successful, group members must collaboratively and creatively imagine, design, prototype, tinker, and share solutions to the coding challenge.

 Workshop Agenda

(Draft Outline)

8:30 am:  Registration – Low Fi Social Networking Activity

9:00 am: Computational Thinking

9:15 am: Design Thinking / Studio Approach

9:30 am: Coding Tool Familiarity

Introduction to Technology and Interface
Orientation to the Possibilities
Coding / Blocks

10:30 am: Group Design Challenge Work (working lunch)

3:00 pm: Sharing and Reflection

4:00 pm Workshop Debriefing Session with Wine and Cheese Celebration